What if your fishing charter business was getting more booking enquiries than days you could possibly fish?

And you could quite literally fish as much (or as little!) as you wanted to, without having to worry about making ends meet?

That is the goal isn’t it? To successfully build your business to what you want it to be?

You’re a fisherman, not a marketer.

But these days, don’t you kind of need to be both?

Sure, you’re adaptable, and are learning along the way, but online and social media can be cumbersome, confronting and difficult to navigate for the skipper who is more used to navigating with the help of a GPS.

Having someone in your corner, helping you to navigate the modern marketing world can be the difference between success and failure.

Aside from social media uses, photos and video have become more than a way to remember an amazing day on the water, they have become significant marketing tools in themselves. 

And it’s no longer just good enough to have a website, your website has to be ranking, and that requires ongoing attention.

>Work-with-me Course 1

One-on-one marketing consultation
And actionable marketing plan unique to your business

Complete the application to give me all the necessary details of your business and we’ll schedule our 1.5 hour initial consultation (if we are not in the same geographical locale, we can complete this via telephone, skype and email).

And I will provide you with an evaluation of your current presence and a custom marketing action plan for your business.

Be more than just a fish magnet, attract customers too!


  • Website review – how you can improve your web presence and ensure it’s working to your best advantage.
  • How to use testimonials to boost your business profile – if you don’t have any, how to get them.
  • Social media strategy – where to focus your time and what to improve.
  • Advertising strategy – for even the lowest budgets.
  • Target list – where to list your business to increase your business’ reach.

Here’s how it works:

  • After you complete the application questionnaire, I’ll review your current presence and schedule your initial consultation.
  • During the consultation I’ll ask you my follow up question and you’ll give me a more detailed run-down of your business, where it is and where you want it to BE!
  • Post consultation, I’ll produce a detailed report outlining the above, specific to your business with actionable items.
  • Lastly we’ll touch base again to review and discuss any questions you have.

Price $499

>Work-with-me Course 2

Website Development / Website Redesign
Optional social media account  profile designs

A recent Google survey (Google Consumer Barometer 2014) found that almost 85% of your potential clients (that’s 85% of all consumers) use the web to research options for leisure activities.

That’s a big slice of your potential market to miss out on if your website is not doing its job.

I can help you with that.

After all, if you’re clients are not finding you online, just how are they finding you at all?

I specialise in fishing websites. My knowledge of the industry combined with technical skill gives your site unique attention-to-detail that you can’t find anywhere else.

Let me quote for you.

Price $499-$1699

>Work-with-me Course 3

Get rigged for social media
Setting up your social media account

Social media marketing is a form of marketing that puts everyone on the level playing field.

Fun fact: did you know that there are 57 million users on Facebook who list fishing as an interest?

That’s a very big market, wouldn’t you agree?

If you’re getting on social media for the first time, it can be daunting. Added, first impressions count and you want your account to be representative of your business despite your own technology restrictions, right?


  • Claim the right username/page name.
  • Coverphoto/timeline design and installation.
  • Attractive bio and contact information consistent with your branding image.
  • First 5 posts and setting up of image galleries as appropriate.
  • Custom tab installation.
  • Watermark for your pictures.
  • Free best practices guide.
  • One profile include. Enquire for additional profiles.

Price $149

*all prices subject to GST for Australian residents.

The Marketing Tacklebox = Kelly Dalling Fallon

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m a second generation charter fisherwoman. Not only is my father a skipper (recently retired who ran his own charter business for over 30 years) but my husband is a skipper too.  Together we run a very successful charter boat based out of Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.

Why me?

Because this is what I do and do well.

10 years ago I turned the industry on it’s head here in Australian with the launch and development of my Black Marlin Blog website, creating something hugely successful where nothing of its kind existed before. And through the blog, I’ve been putting the Australian marlin fishing scene in front of a global audience ever since.

On a one-on-one basis, I’ve worked with over 50 fishing businesses – from fishing charter operators, to clubs to lure makers – to put their business in front of anglers world-wide.

On the technical side, I am a web designer who specialises in building fishing industry websites. My combined technology skills and fishing industry knowledge and experience puts me in a unique position to help fishermen and women across the world get their brands the attention they deserve; in a market place that is harder and harder to navigate every day.

Of course this real world experience is backed up with education and theory. I hold a business degree (marketing major) and worked in corporate marketing & PR in Australia and overseas for many years before returning to my first love–the ocean.